Content Participation

Content Participation:

Content Participation is welcomed from any global geographies. The participant has to register on the page ones with his/her or any other sex [DNP INDIA HINDI promotes equal rights to humanity and never ever differentiates of the rights a living being carry] credentials to be presented. DNP INDIA HINDI wish to ask for few inputs related to the person credentials/ rights given to them by their own beloved country. Please bear with us for this small registration pain for more online faith as it will be impossible to know each other in today’s fast changing world.

Despite, the fact that the DNP INDIA HINDI platform is new, our contribution towards free, fair, ethical journalism would be rock solid.

News Participation tariff factsheet:

Tariff as on May 15, 2020

For Journalists Type-1 Type-2 Type-3
Article Words 300+ 600+ 900+
Only text 100 200 300
Photo 50 50 50
Graphs or data analysis 50 50 50
Only video 300 300 300
For students studying in colleges or journalism institutes, flat charges 100 100 100
Above tariffs are published in INR, for dollars or other currency of other countries shall be calculated on the basis of article publishing dates.

All the above remuneration paid by DNP INDIA HINDI funds are generated through self-sponsorship of the caretakers of the website or by website subscription, advertisers’ money or support of companies, NGO’s, Corporate social responsibility funds etc. [shall be opened with name of the organization and receivables]. All funds received by the DNP News Network Pvt. Ltd / DNP INDIA HINDI would be authorized and would categorize by the Indian laws. In no manner, companies supporting, funding DNP INDIA HINDI endeavors of free and fair journalism would ask any favors, which restricts or withhold news of importance for the countrymen or Indian sovereignty. This news website applies 0 (Zero) tolerance on corruption and unethical practices.

For Consulting editors: Remuneration and other policies are being drafted. We shall be keep updating those policies time to time on DNP INDIA HINDI website. All consulting editor’s contract’s shall be time-bound, they shall be paid other perks and facilities keeping as per DNP INDIA HINDI policies.

Guest editors: Guest editors are by choice and not by chance, DNP INDIA HINDI promotes personalities and credible persona from all over the world. We shall urge all our wealthy friends to support the growth of DNP INDIA HINDI to make it content rich as well adequately fund to keep it running for generations for the societies and peoples well-being.


All journalists, who is willing to contribute editorially to DNP INDIA HINDI website from India have to register themselves on the website with their Government ID’s and personal details, which shall be confirmed by sending the personal confirmation PIN. Journalists have to further submit payment details in which they are willing to receive the payments. It can be a PAYTM or UPI account for receivables.

All consulting editors have to open valid bank accounts registered with DNP News Network Pvt. Ltd., Parent company of DNP INDIA HINDI News Portal.