Journalist Trust Initiative

DNP INDIA HINDI welcomes all journalists from India and the World to register on DNP INDIA HINDI website, this is going to be your first step to become part of our journalistic community. This is going to be the first platform for entire South-Asia Journalism community. This build-up shall be called [J. Community]. DNP INDIA HINDI salutes all those who are part of J. Community and welcome them openly to be part of great effort and contribution put in by this community in the development of nation in more than many ways:

J. Community has covered wars and war torn nation, global political elections, countries with extreme poverty and pandemic, unexplored destinations and the ones who live in constant fear of terrorism in Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. Many such warriors, who despite giving their lives couldn’t be remembered because of keeping secrets to protect sovereignty of their motherland.

This web news platform is meant to protect the journalism in entire South-East Asia and particularly India. India is currently mistrusted for its journalism and its ranked at 133rd nation known for open press and its freedom. DNP INDIA HINDI would stand for the cause of real journalism where press integrity and its sovereignty is protected at any cost and in manner any freedom doesn’t get muzzled by the pre, current and future dispensation.

DNP INDIA HINDI stands for J. Community whole heartedly and back them as per the capacity of the platform and need of the community when you they need the most.

  • DNP INDIA HINDI shall take initiatives in taking care for the well-being of the J. Community
  • From Health or anything which is troubling the J. Community member DNP INDIA HINDI assures to protect its member
  • If you are the member of J. Community your issues would be heard and problems are minimized and to settled
  • J. Community operates like a board, where a 6-member committee is being formed to take care the J. Community interests like jobs, health, family issues, insurances or any unforeseen circumstances may be timely raised by the J. Community members…

J. Community board members are senior Journalists and philanthropists from any sphere of business, politico, NGO’s or legal professions who carry high degree of reputation and integrity. *essentially all background checks are compulsory about them:

– Journalist A

– Journalist B

– Journalist C

– From Business

– From Business

– From Business

Two of the J. Community board members gets replaced every year automatically. Any member who voluntarily resigns or passed away due to unnatural death may be replaced with the new members. In all times, the board will be consisting of 3 journalists and 3 philanthropists. The day to do action would be taken by the DNP INDIA HINDI board members and monthly meeting would be conducted to address issues faced by the J. Community.

DNP INDIA HINDI urges all journalists to come join the resurgent place, this is the future of Journalism…